Flying Gold Collector!

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Flying Gold Collector!

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This is my first flash game so dont be to harsh. This game is about a gold collector the black sphere with the yellow/blue gold pouch in its center.
To get a point for your score move the gold collector over the coin, to not get a point but to increase your power get the black sphere.

As your score gets higher you will pulled with more and more force towards the south east.
If you go out of the boundries you will restart the game and you will loose 2 score points.

Movement: arrow

Arrow keys to move. Basically to get your score higher collect the yellow coins by moving the gold collector over it (the yellow coins give 1 point each). As your score gets higher you will be pulled with more and more force towards the south eastern part of the screen. If you go out of the boundaries you will loose 2 score points and will be placed back in the middle of the screen. To combat the south eastern pull collect the black spheres, the black spheres increase your power (moving ability, or ability to combat the southeastern pull).To reset your game press the reset button, it will put your score and power back to 0.

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